5-Channel Line Tracking Robot Sensor Module


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This is a simple digital line tracking sensor module for you to start setup with your own line following robot.

The sensor outputs LOW signal when it senses black line, or HIGH signal when it senses white line. When the sensor is out of range, it will output LOW signal.

There are LED indicators which will light up when sense white line, or light off when sense black line.


  • Chip : 74HC14D
  • Operating voltage : 3.3 – 5V
  • Output Mode : Digital
  • Sensing distance : 1 – 1.5cm
  • Type of sensor : TCRT5000L
  • Pitch of each sensor is 22mm
  • Screw slot for easy mounting on your line follower robot



Label Meaning Connection
VCC Power Connect to 3.3 – 5V power source of system
GND Ground Connect to GND of system
OUT1 – 5 Sensor Output Connect to I/O pin of your controller


Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 97 × 21 × 15 mm


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