MC-38 Door Magnetic Sensor Switch


This is a magnetic switch sensor you can use with Arduino to sense proximity of door.

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MC-38 Magnetic Contact Switch Sensor can be used as a door or window security system. It produces the signal when moved away from each other which can be fed to the microcontroller (e.g Arduino) to perform the desired action as per requirement. This sensor suitable to use for trigger alarm or ON/OFF light inside a cupboard sliding door. This wired sensor is trigger by the magnet. When the magnet is closed by, the circuit is closed or open if the magnet far from the sensor.

Note : This switch is Normally-Open (NO) type. Please do not use this sensor onto iron or aluminum alloy door, it will decline magnetism of the sensor.


  • Case material : Plastic
  • Color : White
  • Actuation distance : 15 – 25mm
  • Operating voltage : 3 – 24V
  • Rated current: 100mA
  • Rated voltage: 200VDC
  • Box size (each side) : 29 x 14 x 9mm
  • Cable Length : 305 ? 12mm
  • Weight : 16g




Additional information

Weight 16 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 10 mm