Add Products to Cart

To buy items from us, select the items you wanted in the designated category. For example, to buy an “Uno R3”, find the category under the Store > Development Board. This will brings you to this page. Click the product picture or the title below the picture.

You can also find the products you wanted by the Search bar at the top right section of the page.

You will be directed to its product page. To buy the product, type in the quantity of the product you needed and click Add to Cart button.

You only can buy the products that are In stock.

The page will be refreshed and a message will be displayed to inform that it is added into your cart.

You can add multiple products into Cart so you can get offered for Combined Shipping.

After you have completed adding products you needed, you can go to Cart at the menu bar to proceed the Checkout.

Should you need to change the quantity or shipping region, edit the quantity and/or shipping region and click Update Cart button before Proceed to Checkout. The page will be refreshed and a message will be display as below.

At Checkout page, kindly fill up the necessary information so we can ship the products to the correct address. You can also choose either to pay by direct bank transfer or using PayPal online payment service.

Note that you must only provide TRUE and REAL information, otherwise we do not entertain it.


Composed by Henry Chau (Admin)