W5100 Ethernet Shield v2.0 for Arduino Uno


This shield enables you to connect Arduino Uno (or Mega) to internet connectivity via Ethernet network.

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This is Ethernet Shield V2.0 that supports both Mega 1280 and 2560. Besides, it also supports micro SD card read/write. The V2 Ethernet Shield is fully compatible with previous Arduino Ethernet Shield. With the official ethernet library, you can do exactly the same thing as the original one. But at a more affordable price.

This shield allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet. It is based on the Wiznet W5100 ethernet chip. It provides a network (IP) stack capable of both TCP and UDP. It supports up to four simultaneous socket connections. Use the Ethernet library to write sketches which connect to the internet using the shield.

This ethernet shield connects to an Arduino board using long wire-wrap headers which extend through the shield. This keeps the pin layout intact and allows another shield to be stacked on top. Arduino uses digital pins 10, 11, 12, and 13 (SPI) to communicate with the W5100 on the ethernet shield. These pins cannot be used as general IO. The shield provides a standard RJ45 ethernet jack. The reset button on the shield resets both the W5100 and the Arduino board.

The shield contains a number of LED indicators

PWRIndicates that the board and shield are powered
LINKIndicates the presence of a network link and flashes when the shield transmits or receives data
FULLDIndicates that the network connection is full duplex
100MIndicates the presence of a 100 Mb/s network connection (as opposed to 10 Mb/s)
RXFlashes when the shield receives data
TXFlashes when the shield sends data
COLLFlashes when network collisions are detected Compatibility

Working with:?Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega, Arduino Duemilanove.


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