MH Thermistor Thermal Sensor Module


This is a simple digital switch sensor you can use with Arduino to sense whether a preset temperature has reached.

This is DIGITAL only sensor.

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MH Sensor Series

This is an easy to use sensor module you can use to sense the temperature using a NTC type thermistor. It outputs digital signal according to the logic whether the preset threshold temperature has reached.

Note : this sensor is only working in digital mode, you must adjust the potentiometer (a.k.a. trimmer) on the sensor module to your threshold temperature. Kindly confirm the output of the sensor before using in your project or application.

Specific Features

  • NTC Thermistor type
  • Operating temperature : -20 to +80?C
  • Output type : DIGITAL only


Common Features

  • Logical IC : LM393
  • Operating voltage : 3.3 – 5V
  • Output current : ?15 mA
  • Adjustable sensitivity via potentiometer
  • Comes with LED indicators for POWER and OUTPUT
  • Fixed bolt holes for easy installation
  • Dimension : 32 x 14 mm



VCCPower sourceConnect to 3.3V or 5V of system
GNDGroundConnect to GND of system
DODigital OutputConnect to any digital IO pins

Additional information

Weight5 g
Dimensions32 × 14 × 10 mm