RS365 DC Motor Diaphragm Water Pump


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This is a motor powered water pump, suitable for products or prototypes involve watering system, increase pressure of water, water cooling system or transfer liquid from one container to another,  good for small agricultural farming system, aquarium, aquaponic or hydroponic projects.

One must use a driver module to operate this pump.


Motor Type RS-365 Water Insulated DC Motor
Operating Voltage 6 – 12V DC
No-load Current 0.23A
Load Current 0.45A
Flow Rate 2 – 3 Liter per minute
Water Outlet Pressure 1 – 2.5 kg
Head Distance 1 – 2.5 meters
Lifespan 2 – 3 years
Suction limit length 2 meters
Inlet Diameter 8 mm
Motor Case Length 32 mm
Motor Case Diameter 28 mm
Pump Length 36 mm
Overall Length 69 mm
Weight 111 g

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