RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar Sensor Module


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A new way to detect motion of living things and non living things besides ultrasonic range finder!

This is a mini radar motion sensor module is equipped with RCWL-9196 chip based on the doppler microwave induction technology. It will outputs continuous high level TTL signal when there is motion. It covers maximum 7m sensing distance with adjustable delay time and sensitivity. It is perfect for DIY microwave motion sensor light switch, human sensor toys, smart security devices, etc.

This sensor module has been designed as an alternative to the common PIR motion sensors widely used in burglar alarms and security lights. Like the PIR sensor, this sensor also detects only movements within its detection range. But instead of sniffing the black body radiation from a moving person, this sensor uses a ?microwave Doppler radar? technique to detect moving objects. It has a sensitivity range of ~7 meters. When triggered, its TTL-level output (OUT) pin will switch from LOW (0 V) to HIGH (3.3 V) for a finite time (2 to 3 s) before returning to its idle (LOW) state.


  • Operating voltage : 4 – 28 V
  • Operating current : < 3 mA
  • Output power : 3.3V, 100 mA (from its 3.3V pin)
  • Detection range : less than 120? taper angle within 7 meters
  • Trigger mode : Repeating
  • Delay time : 2 seconds (the default value), by soldering capacitor in different capacities on C-TM pads to adjust it (behind)
  • Output type : Active HIGH (when it detects a moving object)
  • Interface:
    • 3V3 (3.3V power supply output), NOT input voltage
    • GND (power ground)
    • OUT (output signal)
    • VIN (power input)
    • CDS (detection can be turned off during the day by soldering an external photoresistor to ground).
    • Only need to use GND / OUT / VIN in general applications.
  • Board size : 35 x 17 mm (approx,)



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