MQ-5 Natural Gas Sensor Module


This is a sensor module you can use with Arduino to measure the amount of contaminant in surrounding air, providing air quality reading for your projects.

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MH Sensor Series

This is an easy to use sensor module you can use to sense the amount of contaminant in surrounding air, giving the reading of air quality index. This is a famous sensor module commonly used with Arduino to build smoke detectors, IoT environment monitoring and smart agricultural projects.

Note : This sensor works with both digital and analog mode. You can connect analog output (AO) to get the air quality index reading (conversion required), or you can connect the digital output (DO) to sense the threshold of air quality. Adjust the potentiometer (a.k.a. trimmer) to set the digital output (DO) sensitivity.

Sensitive to Gas

  • Natural Gas
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)


Common Features

  • Operating voltage : 5V
  • Output type : DIGITAL and ANALOG
  • Preheat duration : 20s
  • Adjustable sensitivity via potentiometer
  • Comes with LED indicators for POWER and OUTPUT
  • Fixed screw holes for easy installation
  • Model : FC-22



Label Meaning Connection
VCC Power source Connect to 5V of system
GND Ground Connect to GND of system
DO Digital Output Connect to digital IO pin
AO Analog Output Connect to analog input pin




Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 38 × 20 × 30 mm