Micro Starter Kit for Arduino


This is the simplest Arduino kit you can get at most affordable prices.

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The Arduino Micro starter kit comprises of all the basic components you will need to get started with digital creation and programming using Arduino as the maker platform.

Nowadays, Arduino boards are not only supported by its very own Arduino IDE, but you can also use many Scratch-based programming software such as Kittenblock, mBlock, etc.

This kit includes

  • Arduino Uno R3 Compatible
  • Half breadboard
  • USB Type-B data cable
  • Resistor (1K?, 10K?)
  • 5mm diffused LED (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)
  • Tactile push button
  • Potentiometer 10K
  • Photoresistor GL5537
  • Magnetic passive buzzer

We will write some guide tutorials for you to learn how to use Arduino to interact with electronic objects very soon.

Owner’s message

We understand that all of us are in the difficulty time on economic due to the pandemic crisis, so we breakdown our?Arduino RBT Starter Kit?into smaller kit so you do not have to stop learning just because of economy constraints. You can still enjoy the lowest price point kit from us for starting your Arduino journey.?Care is for all of us!

Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 40 mm


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