LM2596S 3A Step Down Buck Converter Module


This is the most popular step-down buck converter module for many powerful electronic projects!

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This module is a beefy step down converter that convert your unregulated power source to a controlled voltage for your powerful electronic projects need.

Instruction to use

Please turn the potentiometer trimmer on the module and measure the voltage level using a multimeter (set the voltmeter 20V mode) to adjust the output voltage from this module. You may need to turn the potentiometer trimmer many times to see the changes in output voltage, turn right to increase the voltage level or turn left to decrease the voltage level. Soldering is required to use this module!

To allow this module to steadily output more than 2A, please add heatsink on top of the LM2596S chip, otherwise it will be overheat and trigger thermal shutdown.


  • Input voltage : 3.2 – 46V
  • Input-Output voltage difference : 1.5V
  • Output voltage : 1.25 – 35.0V
  • Output current : 3A (max)
  • Conversion Efficiency : 92%
  • Output voltage ripple : <30mV
  • Switching Frequency : 65KHz
  • Operating Temperature : -45 to +85?C
  • Dimension : 43 x 21 x 14 mm



Pin Label Connection Meaning
IN+ Positive terminal of source Positive Input Terminal, connects to source
IN- Negative terminal of source Negative Input Terminal, normally connects to ground
OUT+ Positive terminal of device Positive Output Terminal, normally connects to VCC, VIN, RAW or VM of targeted device.
OUT- Negative terminal of device Negative Output Terminal, normally connects to ground

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