LCD1604 Backlit LCD Display Unit


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This LCD display module can be used with Arduino for projects that requires to interact with users,


  • Display Mode : TN/STN
  • Display Format : 16 Character x 4 Line
  • Built-in controller : ST 7066 (or equivalent)
  • Duty cycle : 1/16
  • Bias : 1/4
  • 5 x 8 dots includes cursor
  • + 5 V power supply (also available for + 3 V)
  • Backlight to be driven by pin 1, pin 2, pin 15, pin 16 or A and K


Operating Voltage5V
Operating Current1.65 mA
Overall Dimension70.6 x 60.0 x 8.9 mm
Screen Dimension60.0 x 32.6 mm


The backlight contrast can be adjusted using a potentiometer (preferably 10K variable resistor) or a voltage divider on the V0 pin.

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