LCD1602 I2C Backlight LCD Display Module (Green)


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This module is the LCD1602 LCD display added with I2C backpack module, which saves the usage of connection from 16 to just 4 pins, making the setup of the display so much easy!

The normal LCD display screen is great out of box, but it takes up so many pins which can quickly constraint your project on number of devices you can use with Arduino, so the interface backpack solves this problem. Only 4 wires are needed to use the LCD display screen, namely the power source (VCC), ground (GND), serial data (SDA) and serial clock (SCL) pins, so it releases your project from limitations and makes the connection so much easier.

The I2C interface backpack behind this module uses I2C serial communication protocol, it has the I2C address selector at the back that can be programmed to be different I2C address (by soldering the solder jumper bridges), up to 8 different possible addresses, so you can use this module with other I2C devices that shared with the same SDA, SCL pins of Arduino.


  • Operating voltage : 5 V
  • Uses only 4 wires to control the LCD display
  • Configurable I2C addresses (default is 0x27)




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