L298N Motor Driver Module


Popular motor driver L298N

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This is the most popular motor driver available for you to learn how to drive up to 2 motors bidirectionally (forward and backward), so you can build your own wheeled mobile robot!

You can also use this motor driver to drive 2 separate DC motors, or combine both output terminals to drive 1 stepper motor.


  • Uses L298N dual H-bridge motor driver with large heatsink
  • Motor voltage : 7 – 12 V
  • Logic voltage : 5 V
  • Maximum current : 2.5A (peak), 1.5 A (nominal)
  • Controls 2 DC motors or 1 stepper motor
  • Has built-in 5V regulator



Label Meaning Connection
+12V Power source Connect to the positive terminal of power source
GND Ground Connect to both the negative terminal of power source AND ground of system
+5V 5V output Connect to the VCC of system if needed, omit if you already have power for system
OUT1, OUT2 Output terminal of device A Connect to your actuator device A
OUT3, OUT4 Output terminal of device B Connect to your actuator device B
ENA Enable A Connect to 5V or digital pin of Arduino
ENB Enable B Connect to 5V or digital pin of Arduino
IN1, IN2 Direction control A Connect to digital pin of Arduino
IN3, IN4 Direction control B Connect to digital pin of Arduino

Power source can be either battery or power adapter

Note : The Ground of both power source and your Arduino (or other microcontroller) must be shared in common in order for the driver to receive correct input signals and work properly. Check the polarity of your motor (or any actuator) to be controlled with the OUT1, OUT2, OUT3, OUT4 terminals, swap the connection for correcting the direction of operation.


Friendly Reminder

Peak current is 2.5A, running continuously at this current for long time will cause the driver to get hot and eventually damage it. To run continuously without damaging the driver, identify your motor (or other actuator) and make sure it can be operated below 1.5A.

Enable pins (ENA) and (ENB) is fitted with jumper cap that hook up the pins to 5V for full speed, this is done by default. You can remove the cap and connect ENA and ENB pins to microcontroller for variable speed control.



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