KY-023 PS2 Analog Joystick Module


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This module allows you to use a dual-axis PS2 analog joystick for building interactive projects. It uses a biaxial potentiometer to control the X and Y axis. When pushed down, it activates a switch. Based on the PS2 controller’s joystick, it’s used to control a wide range of projects from RC vehicles to color LEDs.

It is basically 2 potentiometer placed perpendicularly and a handle for tilting the rotary position of it. When no external force, it will return back to its center position. You can just use analog read functionalities in Arduino to read the value directly.


  • Operating voltage : 2 – 5V
  • 10K potentiometer for each axis
  • Return type : At rest, handle goes back to center



Label Meaning Connection
GND Ground Connect to GND of system
+5V Power source Connect to VCC of system (3 – 5V)
VRX Output X-axis value Connect to analog input pin
VRY Output Y-axis value Connect to analog input pin
SW Output Push button Connect to digital pin



Additional information

Weight 12 g
Dimensions 34 × 26 × 30 mm


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