IRF520N N-Channel MOSFET Driver Module


A MOSFET driver mainly used to switch small solenoid, coil, pump and DC motor. Great for starter electronic projects.

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This module is designed to switch heavy DC loads using a single digital pin of your microcontroller. You can use this to drive a DC motor, solenoid, LED lamp or high-power load for small robotics & automation applications. You just need a very simple logical LOW or HIGH signal to drive a load supplied with power. Power requirement for enabling this module is not high so you can use this easily with ESP8266.

Screw terminals are provided to interface to your load and external power source. A built-in LED indicator shows during your load is turned on.


  • Dimension : 33.5 x 25.5 mm
  • Continuous Load Current : < 5A
  • Pulsed Load Current : 37 A
  • Recommended Driving Voltage : 0 – 24V
  • Logic Voltage : 2 – 5
  • Input HIGH Threshold Voltage : 2V
  • Weight : 10 g

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