FT232RL Serial Programmer Interface Module


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FTDI?s FT232 is popular USB to serial UART interfacing chip. Generally it is used to interface Microcontroller Development Boards (e.g. 8051, AVR, Arduino etc) to computer. It can also be used to upload sketch in Arduino Boards such as Arduino Pro Mini, Lilypad or ESP8266 based development boards which does not have built-in serial interface chip on it.

Note : Make sure the power source choice (either 3.3V or 5V) is selected properly using a header pin jumper cap before connecting this module to your target device.


Normally you would only need to connect these pins to interface with boards.

Pin LabelConnectionMeaning
DTRRST / RESETData Terminal Ready
RXTX of targeted deviceReceiver pin of FT232RL chip
TXRX of targeted deviceTransmitter pin of FT232RL chip
VCC3V or 5VPower source from the module
GNDGNDPower ground

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