E201-C BNC Electrode PH Sensor Kit


This product is discontinued due to instability of output, we are looking for better model for this.


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This kit comes with the

  • 1 x E201-C BNC Electrode PH Sensor probe
  • 1 x Preamplifier Module
  • 4 x M3 philips screws and nuts

Box comes with label “Analytical Surver Electrode”.

pH electrode probe has reliable reading accuracy and can provide almost instantaneous reading of pH value, thus it can be used in water purification processes. This pH sensor probe is refillable, which means its KCl (potassium chloride) salt solution can be refilled to extend the lifespan of the sensor, but user has to be careful not to spill the salt solution or otherwise the sensor will not work properly.

The salt solution is used as a differentiator for the sensor to compare its pH level with the measured liquid in order to produce an accurate change in output which is readable by most controllers. Since the solution is refillable, you can always change the solution if it is contaminated. Replenishment must be made when the solution is less than 2cm in the tube of probe.

The probe has BNC connector which can integrate with majority type of PH meter and controllers, suitable for application in aquarium, hydroponic, aquaponic, laboratory, etc.


  • Operating voltage : 5 ? 0.2 V
  • Operating current : 5 – 10 mA
  • Range of pH reading : 0 – 14
  • Measurable liquid temperature : 0 – 80 ?C
  • Response time : ? 5 s
  • Falling time : ? 60 s
  • Power rating : ? 0.5 W
  • Module temperature : -10 to +50 ?C
  • Relative humidity level : ? 95% RH
  • Module dimension : 42 x 32 x 20 mm
  • Output type : Analog
  • Has 4 M3 mounting holes


PH Electrode probe usage and shelf maintenance

  • When not in use, place the sensor in well-protected environment, wash the electrode with deionized water if there is contamination present on the electrode probe.
  • For best measurement results, the electrode ball must be fully immersed into the measured liquid (or at least 2.5cm depth) so it can operate with full ionic effects.
  • Storage instructionImmerse the electrode ball into salt solution for at least 1 hour to restore its calibration.
  • If you do not have the salt solution as storage solution, you can use any buffer solution with pH7 neutrality, mix with 1g KCl salt as the temporary storage solution. Immerse in the provided solution for long shelf time storage.



Additional information

Weight120 g
Dimensions220 × 90 × 50 mm