E18-D80NK Infrared Proximity Sensor Probe


This is an extremely easy to use infrared sensor you can use with Arduino to sense objects in front of the probe.

Recommended for sumo robots!

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This is an extremely easy to use sensor that consists of an IR transmitter and receiver pair in one module. The IR transmitter emits IR light and the IR receiver detects the IR light that is reflected off objects.

The sensor was originally designed to automate the counting of objects moving along a production line, but it works equally well as an obstacle avoidance sensor on a robotic vehicle or any other applications where detection of objects or obstacles within its range is desired such as for a security system or monitoring a pet door.

Detection range is approximately 3-80cm. The range is adjustable using a multi-turn screw on the back of the unit. Turning the screw CW increases the range at which objects are detected. Turning the screw CCW decreases the range. If the adjustment is turned CCW too far, the module will no longer detect an object until it is turned CW again. Similarly if it is turned CW all the way, it will always show a detection until it is turned CCW again.


  • Operating voltage : 5V
  • Operating current : <25mA
  • Maximum load current : 100mA (Open-collector NPN pulldown output)
  • Output type : Active LOW Digital
  • Response time : <2ms
  • Diameter:? 17MM
  • View angle : ? 15 ?,
  • Range of detection : 3 – 80cm (Adjustable)
  • Operating temperature : -25 to +55?
  • Case Material : Plastic
  • Lead Length : 45cm



Wire colorMeaningConnection
BrownPower sourceConnect to 5V of system
BlackSignal outputConnect to digital pin
BlueGroundConnect to GND of system



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Weight15 g
Dimensions50 × 50 × 20 mm