Dual MOSFET PWM Switch Driver Module


1-channel MOSFET PWM driver module

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This module uses 2 MOSFETs for switching high current, high power loads such as tools DC motor, LED lamp (DC type), water pump, solenoid valve, coils, etc. The usage of 2 MOSFETs in parallel grants lower resistance of the load circuit to minimize the heat loss, therefore enabling higher current to be flow through the circuit.

This module can be used with 3.3V device such as ESP8266, ESP32 or the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Note : You are required to solder the input pins before it can be used with any microcontroller.


  • Input voltage : 5 – 36 V
  • Logic voltage : 3 – 5 V (max. 20 V)
  • Operating current : 15 A
  • With cooling installed on this module, it can drive up to 30 A (up to capacity of 400W)
  • Dual N-channel MOSFETs in parallel lower overall resistance
  • Can be used with Arduino, and PLC (logic converter needed)
  • Can be used with PWM signal for speed control, intensity control
  • Operating frequency : 0 – 20 KHz
  • Operating temperature : 40 to +85 ?C


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