CNC Router Shield v3.0 for Arduino Uno


This is a shield that can convert your Arduino Uno into a CNC machine controller with ease.

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CNC Shield V3.0 can be used as drive expansion board for engraving machine, 3D printer and other devices. There?re 4 slots on the board for A4988 compatible stepper motor drive modules, can drive 4 stepper motors, and each step stepper motor only need two IO port, that is to say, 6 IO ports can quite well to manage three stepper motor, it?s very convenient to use. After insert Arduino CNC Shield V3.0 into Arduino UNO, and installed GRBL firmware then you can quickly DIY a CNC engraving machine.


  • Control 4 stepper motors with A4988 stepper drivers
  • One motor can clone one of the other motors
  • GRBL compatible pinout


Please read the page below to get more information on how to setup the CNC electronic hardware

After fully equipped with A4988 stepper motor drivers

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Weight15 g
Dimensions72 × 52 × 25 mm