A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Breakout Module


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This is a breakout module to make circuit connection easy for A4988 stepper motor driver module, stepper motor, power source and your Arduino board.

Note : Kindly make sure the polarity of the A4988 module before insert the module onto it.


  • Has a insert slot for A4988 module and its compatible driver
  • Has a power input pins for motor power and logic power
  • Has a JST connector for connecting stepper motor
  • Has a DIP switch for selecting microstep configurations



EEnableConnect to digital pin of Arduino
DDirectionConnect to digital pin of Arduino
SStepConnect to digital pin of Arduino
VinMotor powerConnect to positive terminal of power source
GNDGroundConnect to negative terminal of power source
GNDGroundConnect to Ground of system
+5VLogic powerConnect to VCC of system

Power source can be either battery, power supply unit or power adapter


Additional information

Weight8 g
Dimensions42 × 17 × 10 mm


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