5V Relay Module 4-Channel


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This relay module is designed to control small electrical objects such as motor, pump, lamp, and other devices that require high voltage and high current to operate. The logic level of this module is negative, which means you need to feed a LOW (0V) signal to the input pin to activate the particular relay switch. Feed a HIGH (5V) signal to the input pins to deactivate the particular relay switch.

Note : To use this module with 3.3V device, unplug the jumper cap on the JD-VCC and VCC pins, power the relay using external 5V to the JD-VCC pin and GND. Connect VCC to 3.3V power from the device, IN1, IN2, IN3 and IN4 to respective I/O pin and GND to GND of device.

Be very careful when handling the relay with AC power source, mishandling can cause electrocution, short-circuits and unwanted consequences!


  • Operating Voltage : 5V
  • Logic Voltage : 3 – 5V
  • Negative logic control, input LOW signal to the S pin to activate the relay.
  • 4 screw mounting holes for easy installations


Operating Voltage 5V
Relay Coil Current 70mA per channel
Load Voltage 250VAC or 110VDC max.
Load Current 10A max.
Contact Resistance 100m?
Response Speed 10ms
Maximum Switching Frequency 300 operation per minute


Truth Table

Input Signal Normally-Open (NO) Output Normally-Closed (NC) Output



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