10-32V to 12-35V 150W Boost Converter Module


This is a good boost converter power module for stepping up battery power to your need.

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This is a DIY adjustable mobile power converter that can easily step up 12V from any power source such as dry cell battery and output voltage in between 14V and 35V. However, the output voltage cannot be lower than the input voltage (as the name said boost converter).

You can also set this module to output the typical 24V power for various equipment such as certain model of laptop, PLC, etc.


  • Input voltage : 10 – 32V
  • Output voltage : 12 – 35V (adjustable, 19V default)
  • Output current : 6A max.
  • Input current : 10A max.
  • Output power : 100W (without external cooling) / 150W (with external cooling)
  • Can carry up 65 – 90W device easily such as a laptop. For example, use this device with 12V dry cell battery can power up a typical 19V 3.42A laptop. At this point, the module will be operating at 45?C.
  • Conversion rate : 94%
  • Operating Temperature : -40 to +85?C
  • Full-load temperature : 45?C
  • No-load current : 25mA nominal
  • No short-circuit protection
  • No reverse polarity protection
  • Screw Terminal output is prepared, no soldering is required
  • Dimension : 65 x 57 x 23 mm


  • IN+ : Input Positive Terminal
  • IN- : Input NegativeTerminal
  • OUT+ : Output Positive Terminal
  • OUT- : Output Negative Terminal


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