0.91″ OLED Display Module


This module comes with unsoldered pin, kindly contact us if you need soldering help.

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OLED 0.91 inch is a monochrome graphic display module with a built-in 0.91 inch, 128X32 high-resolution display. OLED 0.91inch is able to work despite the absence of backlight. In a dark environment, contrast of OLED display is higher than LCD display. This device is I^2C or SPI compatible. Due to its capability in displaying, it is often used in various application for instances, smart watch, MP3, function cellphone, portable health device and many others.


  • OLED display, no need backlight, self-illumination,
  • The display performance is better than the traditional LCD display, also lower consumption.
  • Driver : SSD1306
  • Dimensions : 0.91″ OLED
  • Resolution : 128 x 32
  • I2C interface



GNDGroundConnect to GND of system
VCCPower sourceConnect to 3 – 5V of system
SCLSerial ClockConnect to SCL pin (or A5 pin of Arduino)
SDASerial DataConnect to SDA pin (or A4 pin of Arduino)



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Weight5 g
Dimensions32 × 15 × 5 mm