Arrival of First Batch of PCB Module Board

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New ingredient of AWESOMENESS have just arrived to our side!

Despite of the adverse effect of COVID-19 pandemic to the economy, we wish to share that we are still able to give our fresh idea a very small self-funded kickstart. We have decided to create a series of product that aimed to make the physical computation learning experiences become easier. The product series are designed in form of extension modules so they can be versatile, flexible, usable in many electronic platforms, and most important features of the products are the plug-and-play capability and foolproof concepts, prevent fatal user error such as accidentally connecting VCC to GND!

We gave this product series a brand name called Moduluz (an alternative pronunciation of Modules).

Module is a collection of electronic components arranged in a designed circuitry that can perform certain functionalities when powered. For example, an infrared sensor module consists of infrared receiver and emitter placed in pair, and with filtering stage circuit and appropriate power source, it can give decent electrical output signal for other part of the system such as Arduino, for further processing.

Here are some previews of the Moduluz products designed using KiCAD 5.0.

Moduluz Push Button Module Moduluz Buzzer Module

Moduluz was just born 2-3 weeks ago from the date of this article, during the creation of the idea and initial design by its creator, and now we saw a small progression by receiving part of the real physical body of the idea.

At the moment, the only materials arrived are the great quality PCB boards, ordered with and made by JLCPCB, a PCB manufacturing company based in China. This idea is very young, still in the validation and development stage, everything still pretty experimental. We are yet to get all the components, and essential fabrication tools before we can start the assembly for the first batch. Still a quite long way to go, but we are optimistic in this.

A base shield for Arduino Uno to use Moduluz extension modules Panelized board for making Moduluz sensor modules

We might start to seek local relevant party that can help us validate and promote the idea once the first batch is ready, to become beta users of our new products. Relevant party such as schools, teachers, educators, students or makers who eager to help us evaluate the product series are welcomed to become beta users. However, the time until preparation of first batch is uncertain due to many factors, locally or externally. If you are interested in our works, stay tuned!

At last, we wish to say thank you to JLCPCB who manufactured these great PCBs for us, the services they are providing has enabled us one step closer toward realization of our many ideas. 


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  • Author : Henry YC
  • Posted date : 6 July 2021
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The moment I start to put effort, time, and lastly the fund into this idea, I have to acknowledge the responsibility to make this thing right, sound and sell.

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