Terms and Conditions

You may use the services provided by this website if you are compliant to the Terms and Conditions of the website.

General Information

This website is wholly owned by Einstronic Enterprise, and Einstronic Enterprise reserves absolute right in any amendment, modify or update or deletion to any Terms & Conditions stated below. It is recommended to read the Terms & Conditions before performing any usage of this website as using the service provided, user is automatically comply to all the agreement in Terms & Conditions.

Operating Zone

Einstronic Enterprise currently operates only within Malaysia.

About Products

Prices for all products in this website are in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR or RM). Prices of products may be subjected to changed without prior notice.

Einstronic Enterprise have put efforts to ensure the quality of the product by its conditions. Quality and condition of products are guaranteed according to the sealing of the product or the operation of the product before being sold to any customer.

The performance of the product may or may not guaranteed in the working environment and condition in the customer’s site. Einstronic Enterprise pledges no responsibility to replace, repair, return and/or refund to any damaged product caused by customer’s improper usage, with or without the intention of doing so.

Image of product displays the physical description of the product such as color, appearances, and shape of the product may be varied due to the viewing angle, brightness and hue of the environment. Watermarked images provided by Einstronic Enterprise are only be used as reference only.

Always refer to specifications, data sheets and recommendations (if any) provided before using any products sold by Einstronic Enterprise. Users are responsible for the correct usage of their purchased products.

Products sold by Einstronic Enterprise is not recommended to use in life critical tasks, risky experiment, hazardous environments, aircraft & transportation vehicles, military and as well as any application which possesses harmful mean to other people, beings (living or non-living) or any community. Einstronic Enterprise will not responsible for any harm and damage to the affected party resulted by the usage of products.

Purchasing Order

By placing an order on products sold by Einstronic Enterprise, you are automatically complied to the Terms & Conditions for purchasing. You shall comply to fulfill all the required information fields and shall be only TRUE and ACCURATE in order for us to validate the purchasing. Any purchasing made but given the inaccurate, incomplete, non-specific or wrong required information will not be entertained and Einstronic Enterprise reserves the right to hold or cancel the purchasing order.

Pre-order Items

Products that comes with “ This item is shipped from overseas, arrival will take longer time. ” on the page’s short description indicates the corresponding product as pre-order items.

Order will only be proceed upon the fulfilled payment on the amount as stated on invoice issued to user who made the order. Once the payment have been made, Einstronic Enterprise ensures the confirmation of the respective order, thus the deliverable of the order. Einstronic Enterprise will notify user regarding any changes in the order, using the e-mail or any valid contact media provided by customer. When the pre-ordered goods or services have reached your site, make confirmation upon the completion of the order with Einstronic Enterprise and a receipt (softcopy) would be issued upon the completion of the order. Upon cancellation on any Pre-order item without any valid reason, user is responsible for the action as Einstronic Enterprise does not responsible for any loss incurred and reserves the right to perform or do not perform any refund on the exact amount as paid for the order.

Exchange, Return and Refund

All products and services provided by Einstronic Enterprise can be returned, exchanged and/or refunded (unless otherwise stated) within 7 days according to the date and time of purchase, with the condition of product still in good conditions, however defects upon manufacturing. For exchanging product only, they must not be unpacked and in good conditions. Services can only be terminated and remake new service when such call is confirmed. Amount paid for the terminated service may or may not be refunded, fully or partially, depends on the completion and processes involved in the respective services.

User is responsible for the charges imposed upon the delivery to return & refund at any mean.

Any otherwise, the eligibility or appeal for making exchange, return & refund for products will be voided and Einstronic Enterprise is not obliged to entertain any sort of refund even customer already made a return of products to the company. Be responsible and ethical in your respectful claim.

Terms and Conditions for Warranty

Einstronic Enterprise has assured the quality of the specified equipment against usage defects and manufacturer defects for a specified period of time as stated in this document, starts from the date of purchase.

1. This warranty is only valid within Malaysia, details fulfilled and returned to Einstronic Enterprise, attached with TRUE and CERTIFIED copy of the Proof of Purchase within the warranty period.

2. This warranty covers the repair parts of the equipment which are found to be defective due to the damages during delivery process and the product before applied to the actual sites.

3. This warranty does not covers the following damages caused by :

  • Any unauthorized disassemble, misusage, abuse, modification actions to the equipment.
  • Not comply the specification of the equipment during usage or operation (Such as improper power input that caused the destruction of the equipment).
  • Wearing of the equipment parts due to improper loading to the equipment.
  • The equipment has been reselled and returned by third parties without consent, warranty, or any proper notices.
  • Natural disasters such as thunderstorm shock, flood, heat, burning of flame and also including pest infestation.
  • Partial or fully destruction of the equipment by any mean.

4. This warranty will be voided if :

  • Any contents in this warranty card is incorrectly fulfilled, tempered or altered without prior notice to Einstronic Enterprise.
  • Any recognizable parts in the equipment are altered, defaced, tempered or removed in/by unauthorized personnel or actions.
  • The equipment is found to be partially or wholly modified, altered or worn in any dimension, which deemed the repair process to be impractical.

5. During the event of warranty due to valid reason of defect, purchaser are fully responsible for the charge imposed due to delivery of the equipment to Einstronic Enterprise for any servicing that shall be done and for the subsequent returning to the purchaser site after the corresponded servicing has been completed.

6. Einstronic Enterprise does not responsible for any loss or damage, including the loss of other equipments or profit loss resulted from the respective product.